Friday, March 20, 2009

It's a .... :)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, tai yan (adult) and sai lou kor (children), after 5 months of wondering-and-hoping-it-is-a-girl-feeling-symptom, I want to show you all that it's got a kuku jiau (birdie) afterall....wahahahaha

It's a boy.....
Went for monthly check up and did a scanning which cost me RM220 yesterday in Subang. As I was laying down, my gynae scanned my tummy for baby's heart, kidney, stomach, spine and the same time measuring baby's skull, leg, hand. Not much conversation between my gynae and me actually during he did the scanning.

Here is some short conversation between us:

Me: So, that's the heart? (trying to get the gynae to explain to me)

Gynae: Yes..........(silent for long time)

Me: What is that?

Gynae: Kidney (silent again...with serious face facing the monitor and moving the 'thing' up and down on my tummy)

Me: (One look at the gynae's face, he really looks like some headmaster we had back in primary stern and serious.....I better shut up :x)


Gynae: It's a boy

Me: Hah?......Pardon?

Gynae: Boy, it's a boy...

Me: (*hand smacking forehead de)
Anyway, we are still happy because the most important thing is he'll be a healthy baby BOY...

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