Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A day out....

20th weeks

Yes...I'm now officially in my 2nd trimester now. Tummy is bulging, weight is increasing, movement getting slower even turning in bed is hard for me. All my finger also looks like hotdog until I cant wear my wedding band anymore. Sigh.....maybe I'll get a new one after birth? (am I? am I?...hinting la..what else)

Constantly I can feel the little bugger twist and turn inside my tummy. Sometimes vigorously kicking my bladder, cause me want to squirt pee pee in my pants...darn! :x Wait till you come out.

Anyway we went to Pavillion this morning. As usual jk need to be there for his meeting and I tagged along as I need to go to my consignment store in Wisma Cosway. Had a lousy lunch at this Taiwanese store that are famous for their street food. I ordered a bowl of oyster mee sua with a few pieces of blanch oysters and the mee sua in very thick starchy mixture. Jk ordered a Happy Lunch Box (as least he's happy after his lunch) consisted of rice with teriyaki sauce, a piece of de-boned fried chicken, century egg and a few pieces of tauhu.

I had a few spoonfuls but decided that it wont go thru my mouth anymore. It tasted like rotten fish and smell like one too. Maybe it came from the oysters. I started eyeing his lunch box instead....haha

Anyway, we compensated ourself with nice buns at Bread Talk.

Not so much variety they have there but that's not the problem, because I just know which one I needed.

Coffee braided walnut flakes (RM3.20) The smell heavenly infused with coffee (by now, anything smell like coffee, I will say it's nice :D). Jk also bought one for himself but after he ate it, he commented that it's only taste so-so. Price wise is not cheap thou.....With additional 30 cents you can have youself a nice plate of chicken rice from Ah Gung already.

Tomato sausage (RM3.20).With the name tomato, it sound so catchy huh? :D

Tasted just like any other sausage bun. Nothing special about it. The tomato sauce, errrr....I think Maggi tomato sauce taste better.

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