Friday, March 1, 2013

Padi House @ Setia Walk

Let me do a quick review on this place, Padi House @ Setia Walk Puchong. Good foods, nice ambiance, friendly staffs....(We did tried this place before at Sri Petaling and I blogged about it here.)

Now that we have another additional small baby in the family, going out for a meal has become a rare commodity. You know, how bringing out tonnes of bag, baby carrier, a crying baby and one super-duper active toddler can really worn you off before you could start your meal.

But well, we do need to go out and get some fresh air once in a while, right?

So, last Sunday we went to this newly opened Padi House at Setia Walk for brunch.

A very cosy place for lazy Sunday brunch.

A wide selection of cakes and pastries.

Love how they partition the dining part and equipped with ceiling fans and air-cons. It makes the environment more cooling and airy. White and Bronze color metal chairs with wooden table is a real nice combination. Very cosy indeed.

Just a comparison on how Caleb has grown. The picture on the right is taken when we ate at Padi House in Sri Petaling 1.5 years ago :)

Caven on baby car seat and watched us for ummm.....10 minutes?

Then he crying for attention already.

So my mil carried him and walked around. He fall asleep shortly after been carried.

We passed him around so that everybody could eat. You carry, I eat, I finish eating then I carry and you eat. That how's it goes around when eating with a small baby, we won't be eating at the same time.

We ordered this for Caleb, Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Grilled Herbs Chicken. Taste very good. Caleb whacked up most of this. The grilled chicken was really tender and full of flavour. Nice, very nice. Should order this again.

I ordered this. My all time favourite, Padi House Chicken Shop Rice. There's rice, egg, chicken chop in brown sauce (I think) topped with a dollop of cream cheese ( I think la :D) Habis la like that, how to do food review? Haha....

Jk's Tom yum fried rice. I think it should be nice because I didn't hear any complaint from him.

Mil's Cantonese noodles in egg gravy. No comment. Didn't get the chance to taste it because my mil eat like a speed of lightning. Now you see, now you don't.

Overall the food is good and I don't mind going back again, probably this weekend?

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Unknown said...


Your baby is so cuteee!!!

BTW, I really like the resto(Padi). I already tried it before and some good cafes and resto also around Setia (See it here

But what makes Padi different and special is how beautiful it was built and it's staffs. I wish I can come back again!

Thanks for this blog! Made me missed the Setia Walk resto!


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