Thursday, December 12, 2013

Starbucks freak

I didn't know since when I've become a Starbucks junkie. Every morning I have this thought that my morning would be totally perfect if I could get on hold of hot steaming Mocha.

*why starbucks you no near my house?"


*why starbucks you no delivery?"

And since I frequent Starbucks outlet at Setiawalk quite a lot (actually I purposely make excuses to go there all the time, hah!) I bought myself a tumbler. Can't wait for my tumbler coming back from US which I asked my cousin to buy for me. 

nice Starbucks tumbler :)

And with this tumbler I could get RM2 discount. Pretty cool heh?

Bought it few weeks ago at Sunway Pyramid. They insisted on wrapping it although I said it's ok. Why waste a wrapper when you know you gonna ripped it off the next moment right?

Nice eh. Like it so much. Even Caleb said he want to bring this water tumbler to school. 

80 bucks tumbler to school?

No way hosey....

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bonda Villa 1st Anniversary Birthday

As many of you know I did my last confinement at one of the most prestige confinement centre in town and that is Bonda Villa.

The first 100% breastfeeding friendly confinement centre located in Kota Kemuning. Their package, well.....not really cheap but hey, if you do the calculation yourself with 6 organic/healthy meals a day, 24hours nurse service, lactation consultant and relaxing resort/villa 'feel', it's worth it.

I know what's running through your mind right now....hehe, I'm not rich myself and definitely not rich man's tai tai (wife) **chuckles** although that was my childhood dream*

What I can say is I'm very very lucky that I stumbled upon this place accidentally when I was 4 months pregnant, bought Gina's book on breastfeeding months before at Fabulous Mom and was ecstatic when I found out the Gina actually own this place.

That means I'm sure I will have 100% success in breastfeeding my baby. Why? Because it stated in term and condition that there will be NO formula-feed throughout the centre. Wow.... isn't this a  good news or what? one will sneakily feed my baby with formula milk behind my back. Well, that's what happened to Caleb previously during my confinement. *cough-milfeedformulabehindmyback-cough* 

And since they had this new opening promotion price, it's really REALLY worth it! But you know how Chinese/Malaysian mentality about 'cheap thing no good, good thing no cheap' philosophy. We were in doubt, of course. Jk actually drove me to the stated address and check the place out. Indeed, the place exists. :) Pheewwww..... and they're really good! I enjoyed my stay very much.

Last month, they were celebrating 1st anniversary and I was invited! Haha....Gina still remembered me. Well, how could she forget? Me and one of the mommy rummaging their refrigerator for foods during our stay. 

Always. (*wink to Lauren Lai) 
Pictures above: The celebrating cakes and 2 leng lui si tau pohs. (Pictures taken from Bonda Villa Facebook)

I'm so happy able to see all of them again. Especially Lauren, Sherry, Gina and Shirley, the 2 si tau poh. Because of them, I'm still breastfeeding Caven. Woww.....never I thought I can breastfeed for this long.

The nurses missed Caven so much and they even nicknamed him, 'Mr. Handsome'.

Generous Gina even gave us a copy of her 2nd edition Love Breastfeeding book. I know I don't need it anymore but hey, I can lend it those who need it right?

For those who are serious about breastfeeding should get a copy of this book. It is very informative. Everything you want to know about baby, breastfeeding positions, breastmilk nutrients, breastmilk storage, how much baby needs milk, why baby's's all in the book.

Now I'm looking forward for our next meeting. Birthday celebration in December!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oven bake chicken wing

Oven baked chicken wings for tea time. No wonder I can't shed off my fatty flabby tummy. Fml

Anyway, this is seriously delicious man! And this is the 3rd time I made it. No recipe or whatsoever. All ingredients put in just according to 'feeling'. Haha.... "mmmm, today I feel like putting in salt, pepper, sugar, teriyaki sauce, soya sauce and garlic oil". I marinade it for 2 days in the fridge. Not that it needed that long time but I kinda forgot about it after I chunk it in fridge. Talking about memory lost eh?

Anyway, ....

Back to the chicken wing ;)

Pre heat oven to 150C, coat with some corn flour before putting it in the oven and bake for about 1h to 1h30m.

After it done, drizzle some honey on top and eat while it still warm.

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Pedi-mani for rotten feet

My boss was so nice to me and approved my half day leave last friday. Nola, not half day, just a few hours because Caven needs his fix after he woke up from his nap.

And so I went for pedicure manicure session, pampering my feet, beautify myself and what's hahaha. Anyway, should go for facial session too as my face was slightly 'yellowish' if you get what I mean.

Anyway this is the most relaxing moment I ever had. I nearly dozed off sitting on the sofa with someone fiddling with my feet. Soooooo nice. Done some nail art as well. RM6 per toe. Not bad right? Of cox you can do for all the toes but considering need to fork out RM50 for it, nevermind thank you very much. I guess I can live with 2.

I need to do this once every month! :)

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dinner in room

I ate my dinner in the room just now with the door shut, away from Caven's sight. Haha....why? Because my sticky little pacat is so clingy on me till I can't sit on chair because he'll climb up the chair to my lap. I can't stand and eat because he'll climb and hanging on my leg, pulling my pant down. At last,  the father came and carried him away but he cried yelling his lungs out and his eyes kept on looking into my direction. So what to do?  Hide in the room and eat lor.

Well, not really complaning about him sticking to me but at least can let me do my basic necessity?  Like pee, poo, bath, eat and drink?

Darling ar darling......why you so sticky one?

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Caven's 10 months development

Little brother Caven is 10 months now and in another 2 months, he'll be celebrating his first birthday. I'm still contemplating whether we want celebrate it. Where to do it? Small party? Home? Kl or Bentong? Gahhh.....How ar?

Anyway, this little fella is growing up fast and is just as cheeky as his brother. He'd quietly crawled to the bathroom or kitchen without me noticing it. The moment I realised his disappearment and called out his name, he would turned his head, flashing me his million dollars smile, continue with his crawling agenda heading forward, only this time, twice the speed followed by loud shriek. You say la, cheeky or not?

"Ah Di ar (short from from di di, means little brother), why you so cheeky one?"

Hahaha.....Using short form is breath-saving, considered we need to call his him thousand times a day (*wink eye).

Some updates on his development:

Oh yes, he's teething now which explained why he is pooping 3 times or more in a day. Big explosive one, mind you. And yes, it  stinks to the core!

Got this picture in the Internet. Currently there are 2 teeth at bottom are sprouting. Symptoms: Whiny, clingy, sticky....mmm...not sure. He's been like that for the longest I can remember :) so, I'm not really sure if these are the symptoms.


He slept 3 times on weekday and 2 times max on weekend. Why? Because Caleb doesn't need to go to school, that's why. Caven just did not want to close his eyes when his big brother is around. Awwww.....isn't that sweet? Hahaha...not really when I have to deal with 2 whiny kids later in the evening. Caven would be all cranked up due to overly tired and Caleb throwing big tantrums out of no where. *__*

Caven's morning nap is around 9ish and he'd nap about half an hour to 1 hour, depending on what time he woke up that morning. In the afternoon, at around 1pm or 2, he'd nap again for about 2 hours and a quick one late in the evening. Sometimes, he would skipped this round (especially when Caleb came back from school) but he'll be cranky later on and I've to tuck him early for bed, say around 7:30pm - 8pm.

No more carrying him to sleep (thank gawd!) instead both of us lying down on bed with him crying, climbing all over me before he found a comfortable spot to doze off. Haaiii.....better than carrying la.

If I'm lucky, he'd wake up 2 times at night. On bad, bad day, he's wake up 4 times or is it 5 times.....until I lose count in a night! Most of the time I dream-feed him and he just suckle suckle suckle himself to sleep again. I'm just glad I've boobies. Can't imagine I need to wake up, make milk and carrying him back to sleep 4 times in a night. *Shudder shudder*

Motor skills


His motor skill in picking up food is excellent. Haha....thanks to all those little finger foods that I bought for him.

This Happy Puffs is great. It's organic, bland (but slightly sweetened with fruit juice), crispy and mess-free. This is the 3rd bottle that I've bought for him so far.

This is how it looks. Little pieces just right for little fingers.

With his fore finger and thumb, he can feed himself effortlessly. This is really crucial especially when we eat out. I just plonked him up on baby chair, scattered a few finger foods for him on the sticky mat and he just helped himself picked up one by one and put it into his mouth. Ahhhh....bliss. We can eat peacefully now.

This is another one of my favourite. It is brown rice cakes and slightly bigger in size. Caven takes more time gnawing into it thus giving us little more time in finishing our meal. It tough being a parent, ya' know?

This is another one of my favourite. This is Heinz teething rusks and it's as hard as a steel. Caven took ages in finishing one whole stick and would leave ample of time for us during dinner. But, the only downside is at the beginning, Caven can't really bite into it because IT IS REALLY HARD. Sometimes he'd whine a little and getting impatient. He actually need to drown that stick with his own saliva to soften it before he can start gnawing. Hah....noticed how I like to use the word 'gnawing'? a rabbit and yes, he is as cute as a rabbit :D

A peek in to his foods when we eat out. One of the must have item in my diaper bag apart from diapers.


Caven has been crawling on four cruising everywhere he fancied for more than few weeks now. I think way back when he was slightly more than 9 months old, he started to crawl with tummy off the floor. At the beginning before he mastered the skill, he already been an impatient baby. He would crawled so fast before his hands could bring him forward thus he stumbled and knocked his head. No need to guess what followed next..... Uhhhhwahhhhhh!!!


At slightly more than 6 months old, he first started pulling himself up to stand in his baby cot and smiling cheekily. Other time, I caught him standing and bending over his toy basket rummaged through his toys.

Now at 10 months old, he managed to stand independently for a bout 3 seconds and we're waiting for him to take his first step forward.


He's taking 2 to 3 times solid in a day and still breastfed him by latching on directly every 3-4 hours in the day and countless times at night.

He loves fruits such as apples and bananas and often I cooked and blended it together with his millet for lunch and dinner. He hates salmon thou. Once I popped a cube of Salmon into his porridge and he didn't want to open his mouth. So I thought maybe it the new food/new taste to him, cannot accept it yet. Fine, I tried for 3 consecutive days and he didn't eat more than 3 spoonfuls each meal. Hahahaha....ok, he won. I stopped cooking salmon straight away much to his father's delight.

I'm so busy and being able to write such a long post required me one week to complete. You know, before I could finish another sentence, I've already heard somebody yelling at the background. Like right now.... :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Caleb's school project

Yesterday Caleb brought home one of his school project. He was so excited when he saw me and started telling me about it.

Caleb: Mummy, see? I got a plant. It have leaves, stem and roots.

Mummy: Wahhhh. ... that is nice. Who helped you growing it?

Caleb: Teacher helped me. But my plant want to die already.

Mummy: Hahahaha (I don't know why but I found it hilarious hearing the word 'die' from a 4 yo)....yes, your plant is almost dying.

Caleb: Ya, it wilted.

Wahhhhh...... wilted wor. The word 'wilted' coming out from a 4yo. I don't even know that word exist when I'm 4yo.

Sometimes he's really amazed us with his words like a few months ago he told us about the 7 continents in the world.

Hahaha.....I guess paying RM800 a month is kinda worth it :)

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Thursday, September 26, 2013


These are a few pictures sunset pictures I took from my balcony.

It's beautiful, isn't? But not if it made my house on fire each time. Soooooo hot!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Silly thing I did

I love sushi but I don't eat sashimi. Be it salmon,  tuna, octopus, squid or anything that is raw. It just feel weird to me munching on a bunch of cold uncooked sea-creatures.

So, the other day, jk's friend said he got some delivery for us (or for me to be exact because jk don't like Japanese food). So I thought "oh yeah! Sushi!!"

The moment I saw that plastic container with a row of sushi in it. I was like "hah!! Eeeeee!" Why? Because everything in there is raw. Gahhhh........

I can't throw it away. Wasting ma....just think about all kids in Africa who don't anything to eat. So, I pan-fried them. Hahaha.....

All cooked and I ate them. Not really nice though and it tastes weird. Well, I guess they were supposed to be eaten raw, not pan-fried! :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What we did in Bentong last holiday

Last school holiday, we went back to my parent's house and stayed there until school reopen. I forgot to let the teachers know that Caleb won't be going for daycare because apparently they still have daycare during the whole stretch of school holiday. Received an SMS from the school principal saying all of them missed Caleb so much. Haha...of cox, the 'haywire guy' aka 'holland guy' wasn't there creating a mess!


This is what we did.

My cousin's family came and stayed for a few days.  Brought my cousin sister around for Bentong food and she likes it very much and every year like a routine, these are on her to-eat-list.

Bentong Wan Tan Meen. This wan tan meen should bring shame to all wan tan meen in Klang Valley. The noodles are springy with no alkaline whatsoever. Dark soya sauce is super fragrant and super nice and the char siew.....mmm....I love the char siew nonetheless. But for some people who like caramelize char siew would find this like a tree bark but still, I like it. Hee hee....talking about weirdo. And oh ya, if you want to find the best wan tan meen in Bentong, forget about Hoi Kee. They are over-rated, crowded to the max and be prepared to wait for 30 minutes before you could got on hold of a table and seats and another 1h for a bowl/plate of wan tan meen. Spare me, pluhlizzzz.... 

Wan tan meen @ RM3.80

Another must have. Pan meen or 'mein fun cha kuo' as what the local called it. The anchovies soup was delicious with firm texture noodles. Definitely is a must-have....oh, did I just repeat that? Heh heh....

I tried to order this every time I came back to hometown and I always too full to eat it. This is roti bakar but the local called it 'siew suet yau'. Siew of course means 'bakar' or toasted and suet yau means butter. So, it's basically is kaya and butter toasted bread.

What's so special about it anyway? Mmmm.......nothing special. But I like it very much :) The kaya is fragrant and the butter is melting on the way to your mouth. Blocks and blocks of butter melting simultaneously.

In the afternoon, we went to OldTown White Coffee. Nothing particular. Just chit-chatting with my cousin sister while Caleb was on the Iphone and Caven 'koala bear'-ing on me in baby carrier. Oh, I super love my Boba 3G carrier now. I don't think I can live without it. My life saver..... Works very well if you have a leechy baby like me.

Every trip to Bentong will only be completed when my cousin sister get to taste the old favourite nasi lemak and spicy chicken chop. One thing about the nasi lemak is it comes with a very very spicy sambal and alot of onions. I always love onions in my sambal. Soft, tender and fragrant chicken curry and sambal sotong. Topped up with a nice hat, in this case is half cooked egg. Believe me if I said I can't find something like this in Klang Valley nor in Penang. SJ, agree? >.<

Somehow, I need my nasi lemak fix....NOW!

Next up, my childhood favourite. A very simple, nothing fancy, old school chicken chop with french fries, fried egg with chilli sauce. I'd trade this for myBurgerlab anytime. I love this for as long as I can remember, over 20 years ago, perhaps? My cousin sister love it too, being hooked on it ever since I introduced to her.

If you happen to visit Bentong and wonder what in this small town could offer? Drop me a mail and I try to 'korek-korek' the address or maybe direct you to there, ok?

After my aunt and family went back, I got another 1 week to stay at my parent's house. Reason being: still holiday ma..... So, I brought Caleb for his hair cut. Oh yes, no more messy fringe and curly maggi mee. So leng chai.

On one of the day, I just left the little leech at home, asked my mom to look after him and I took Caleb for some cakes at Secret Recipe. We get to talk a little, eat cakes and of course play games together with my phone. Just a simple activities makes him a very happy man.

Since we got a lot of free time at home and gadzillion darn flying mozzie around in the living room, most of the time we spend a lot of playing, jumping, shrieking, hugging and making funny faces in room. Aaaahhh.....a bliss.

And that what we did last holiday in Bentong. The next school holiday should be in December, I pressume? :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spot the difference

At 8 months old - Caven

Caven glued/stuck to me like a leech every moment, every day. He can't bear to see me out of his sight even for only 2 seconds. The moment I put him down, he started to wail almost immediately, crawled to me pulled himself up while gripping hard on my pant. For a moment, I thought I was having a third breast to deal with. Imagine I got a third breast weighing 7kg. Hahahaha.......

Anyway, I took both of these pictures yesterday. Note the difference? On the left is his 10 minutes bathing time versus mine. 

so pity right?

I'm definitely show him this picture when he grow up.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm the mosquito-slayer

My parent's house is badly infested with mosquitoes. Real bad. These blood-suckers are everywhere especially in bathroom. I guess because it cooling, damp and dark in there. Just imagine when you go inside the bathroom, there are 20 over mosquitoes flying all over you. Arghhh....... I just have the urge to squash everyone of them into paste.

I remembered when i was young, my brother and I used to compete on who got the most numbers of mosquito and both of us would parade our 'result' on tiles in the bathroom. Of course my brother win every time. What's not? He is taller and has bigger hands than me. Of course la right? 

That picture is my self-proclaimed-victory. With my bare hands filled with foam, I caught 18 blood-suckers in less than 10 minutes. I feel good!

See if I could catch another batch tomorrow.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Little angku @ hometown

As usual, when there's school holiday,  we are back to my parent's house. And as usual, my mom would cook a lot of stuffs at home enough to feed a whole loot of army.

My mom made this the other day and I ate 3 at one go. Burrppp......full. This is called angku, in this case is 'chehku' because it's in green color. My mom blended few strands of screwpine leaves and juice out the essence. The aroma was intense. I likey.....

Notice the mold?  Well, that is family heritage mold which will not be traded for anything in this world. It's so unique and classic and I believe I can't get it anywhere now. This is so rare and beautiful. Just told my mom to keep it for me although mmmm......I haven't mastered the skills of making angku yet. Don't care, I shall keep it under my bed first. Hahaha....

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Caleb's 4th Birthday Celebration

Arggghh.....this is soooooo backdated. I'm suppose to post this up on 24th July, a day after Caleb's birthday and now I'm still stuck at this post. Most of the time, I don't even have time to touch my lappie, what's more to blog. Anyway.....

It was Caleb's birthday yesterday last week two weeks ago (blehhh) and as usual I made him a birthday cake as I always did every year. This time a red velvet birthday cake. How nice is that? But juggling between a crying-whining-leechy-baby-who-just-want-to-stick-with-his-mommy and baking was indeed a challenging task.

This is the birthday cake for the birthday boy. It look so 'homemade', right? There were  a lot of flaws on the cake if you look closely but I guessed the most important is the face on my birthday boy. His eyes lighten up when he saw this and that was priceless!

A few accompaniment of red velvet cupcakes with flags made from washi tape. I really fell in love with washi tape already! However, if you noticed, the papercups detached itself from the cake and honestly it looked hideous. I did around 20 cupcakes but only 9 of them looked presentable. Why ar? Anybody know why? (*scratching head*)

This time, for the first time he has the whole crowd to celebrate with him because he was celebrating it in school. Oh boy! He was soooo happy and for the first time he woke up before 7am. That was a record because normally we need to drag his fat bum out from the bed, spend 5 minutes just telling him to brush teeth and another 10 minutes asking him to finish up his milk.

The happy birthday boy!

I know he has been dreaming of sitting there for the longest time, in fact maybe every kid. It does feel special when you're sitting on special chair where you got a birthday cake with your name on and everybody singing birthday song to you.

I asked him if he wants to take some pictures with his friends and he said yes. How could he resists?

Everybody is sitting on chair singing birthday song. Cute little people...

This become his signature post. Must have to 'V' sign. Mmmm...where did he learn this from? I don't know.

Cutting the cake and grins on his face.

We picked him up after his daycare and went to Sakae Sushi for dinner. His favourite 'frog sushi'. He love it so much. Probably because of the kid's set bowl that there are providing have frog face on it. I don't know, just guessing..... :)

After dinner, the father brought him to games arcade for some fun. You know, doing guy's thing. Like basketball.... mmm.... I guess if I have a girl, I would definitely bring her for pedicure and manicure on her birthday. Hah!

We had another birthday song singing and candle blowing moment back at home. I have a few more cupcakes and decorated it. Bahhh...I need more improvement on my decorating skill.

Caleb was so happy. He even asked my if he could have another birthday tomorrow. Hahaha.....
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