Monday, December 31, 2012

Caven @ 3 weeks old

Exactly today Caven is 3-weeks-old and I have been staying here at the confinement centre for almost 20 days. Yupe, another 8 days to go and I'm free to go back to my own house. Although staying here at this confinement centre is great (because everything already taken care of) but still I'm missing my own messy hut :)

I'm still breastfeeding Caven with direct latching and I've not pump for storage yet. I just pumped whenever he didn't feed on the other breast, mostly happened in the middle of the night. He just wake for once for his night feed, normally around 3-4am and continue to sleep until 7 in the morning. Lucky eh? Such a BIG difference compare to Caleb last time. Caleb woke up every few minutes after I've put him down on bed and basically need to be carried from 1am to 5am every night. It's a real nightmare I tell you. =.=||

Few days ago, Caven was having his cluster feeding stage where he stuck to my boobs from 9-11pm or 12am (marathon feeding-that's what I'm calling it) and sleep through the night until 5am. He sleep, I sleep.... both snoring through the night. Haha.....
And now he is going through growth spruts, feeding and fussy more than usual. Crying for no apparent reason. Or maybe there is just that I don't understand baby's language.

I have no idea how much he fed on each time but I just love his contented face after feeding. Milk drunk..... :)
My mom was asking me the other day on phone "so, do you have milk this time?" and I said "should have la, he got pees and poos. If not, where did all those came from? Right?" Elders......they always think that we torture their grandchildren with breastmilk. Sighhhh....... All of them completely brain washed by advertisement on the goodness of formula milk where there is not a drop of goodness in it.

Anyway, me and Caven are doing quite well now. I'm in my most relaxing mood, waiting for foods most of the time and waiting my cue to breastfeeding from my boss. Ahhh.... bliss.

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mun said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Caven is smiling slightly in the first photo - so cute!

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