Thursday, November 22, 2012

Caleb's lunch

18 days to go....

Oppsie, I missed a post yesterday. There isn't much thing to tell anyway. It's always been routine for me, everyday.

Today, I cooked this for Caleb's lunch. It's actually pumpkin and carrot porridge and Japanese tofu with ginger and minced meat. Quite nice, no complaint. I'll cook something like this if I'm in the mood. If I'm not, then I'll just dump everything into the porridge. Yes, everything. Rice, pumpkin, carrot, minced meat, tofu, ginger and spring onion. Half an hour later and voila! All done.

Caleb is a Bandaraya, basically he eat everything.

This dish remind me of my mom's cooking. My mom said this is kid's favourite dish because there are tofu, meat and gravy to go with rice, except she don't use Japanese tofu. She'll use white tofu instead as she said Japanese tofu is full of preservative craps.

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