Friday, July 6, 2012

Tappers @ Jaya One and Setia Walk Puchong

We were in Jaya One the other day when Jk went to meet up his client. And since Jaya One is an 'alien' place to me (and to jk too), we looked around where to have our lunch, since it already lunch time and his client was late. We were riding up and down on the escalators, searching for a prominent eatery shop, and this advertisement caught my sight. It was stucked on both side of the escalator.

The Tappers Cafe....featuring a mouth-watering hainanese chicken chop and chicken rendang and fried mee...oh heaven...( I hope)

So we looked everywhere, searching for this Tappers Cafe and we found it somehow to be kopitiam alike with contemporary decor, inspired by colonial designs with white rattan chairs, white marble tables and old photographs. 
We stepped in and took a seat. We were presented their set lunch menu and one peek at their menu, we were surprised. The price is CHEAP. But normally cheap food equals to errrmmm.... bad food. 
It's ok, they ought to be given a chance. If the foods are good, then we'll have another choice of eatery place and if they are bad, means we were 'fcuked' up just once. :)

And so, I've ordered a set of Hainanese Chicken Chop plus drinks for RM12.90 and Jk ordered a set of Chicken Schnitzel plus drinks for RM12.90 too.

My Hainanese Chicken Chop came with 2 HUGE pieces of chicken, coated with eggy mixture, deep-fried until golden brown topped with steamed (or braised) potatoes, carrots and green peas, and a tomato based sauce. The sauce was kinda sweet but the chickens were soft and juicy. Well, not the best hainanese chicken chop I had but definitely worth the price.

Hainanese Chicken Chop

Jk's Chicken Schnitzel came with 2 HUGE pieces of chicken too, coated with breadcrumbs, deep-fried until golden brown with fries and coleslaw as side dishes. Overall, the taste was ok. I like this better but jk said he prefer it to be abit drier and without the sauce. Oh well, everyone have their own preferences.

Chicken Schnitzel.

A few weeks ago, we found Tappers Cafe was open in our neighbourhood. Oh yea, the new hang out place: Setia Walk in Puchong. On normal bright weekday, the place is quiet, peaceful and serene. But it totally different when night falls. Beer Factory, Sector 7, Muzeum and god-knows-what's-more pub and bistro blaring their music deafening the ears. (ok, I'm purposely saying that because I'm old people who sleep at 10pm, everyday :))

Caleb loves the fountain...

Angry pose
Force-to-smile pose

We actually went for their breakfast and it was really GOOD....! Especially the pancakes. Soft, fragrant and fluffy like mini cakes drizzled with maple syrup.

Tappers Cafe

Old photographs hanging on the wall

"This happen if you don't listen, ok?"

When the food arrived, I was thrilled for the presentation and at the sheer value for money. With every value breakfast set priced under RM10 and plus a drink (you can choose between coffee and tea, btw, the coffee is really nice). Tell me, where to find such a bargain?

Hot coffee

Tappers breakfast set; a sausage, a slice of chicken ham, 2 pieces of toasted bread, salad, baked bean and 2 sunny side up - which I told them to make it cooked (pregnant lady cannot eat raw eggs,ok?)

American breakfast set; 2 out-of-this-world fluffy pancakes, a sausage, a slice of chicken ham and 2 sunny side up.

Drooling yet?

Yes, I am now.... :(


Cynful Pleasure said...

oh.. I first try this at their branch in Cap Square.. nice!

Irene said...

Wow! Cheap and good good? I will go check out jaya one branch if hubby is around. Scared of parking

Cas said...

Sairah had her first b'day in their bangsar south outlet. I LOVE tappers coz food is good and more importantly cheap. My fav so far is their chicken parmigiana :)

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