Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm in weeks 18

I'm now in week 18 which is almost half way there. Somehow I feel my tummy is huge.
It not only me who feel this way, everybody have been commenting the same thing when they see me.

"How many months already?"

"4 and half"

"Ha? So big geh?"

Smiling forcefully. (*oh-bite-me* bluek)

Anyway, both jk and me went for monthly check up last Friday and *ahem* we should be knowing the gender now on. Eager, excited well, almost. We were hoping for a girl (or it is just me? ;)) all these while even when I was pregnant with Caleb last time. I like how I can make her pretty with ribbons and bows and lacey dress. I was telling jk the other day that perhaps I should be hoping for a boy instead. I know if I got a girl and when she reach puberty, I'm very sure I'll be paranoid mom by then.

Before the scanning, my gynae confirmed with me again if I want to know the gender of the baby. Oh ya, of cox. I don't like surprises. Not something like this :)

And tang tang tang.....


"Oh, congratulation Mr. Loo. You got another monster now. I'm sure both of them will think of a way to either rip off your Samsung LCD tv or the Astro remote."

The baby:
Gynae said my baby is slightly big-sized which explained why my belly is HUGE. The length is almost 14cm and weighing at 260g.
I felt him in me when I'm in week 13. It's early, I know. Not a frequent moves or a drastic one but I surely can feel ticklish and bubbles bursting inside my tummy. Until one night I felt a punch down my bladder. Ohhh....gosh.
That was when I'm in week 16. And now, yupe. I feel his punches every now and then and it's getting harder and harder. No more "I'm-wondering-if-he's-still-here" feeling anymore. He is here alive and kicking alright! :)

The mother:
Appetite is normal and no craving for any weird kinda thing what-so-ever. Meals consists of rice, noodles, fruits and *cough* junk food *cough*. It is hard to resist a pack of potato chips though as sometimes I have a bland taste in my mouth. I eat 3 times a day and no time for supper as all of us sleep at 11pm most days. Thanks to Caleb...... :) I need to wake up at 7:30am everyday preparing him for school and deal with his torturing act (I shall blog about this soon).

The father:
Not really a big impact on the father yet, just that now he goes to work before 10am every morning. Hahaha....few months ago, waking up at 8am is mission impossible that I should just let him die and sleeping before 12am (sometimes 10:30pm) is a joke. As if asking the ducks not to "quack" or the cows not to "moo"....

It's a norm for us now as what they said "early bird catches the biggest worms"

Oh, I don't think this is the right one thou...... :)

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mommy to chumsy said...

congratulations :) Caleb will be thrilled to have a di-di to play with him :)

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