Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sealed with a kiss

Caleb baby, mami loves you very much. 
No matter what you did, how you drive mami up the wall, a kiss from you is all it takes to melt every heart, to ease every pain, to give a new hope that you'll be abit more behave tomorrow.
There is nothing in this world can replace your smile and your laughter. You are god-sent to us and we are counting every blessing.
May you grow up to be healthy and strong.
We will always love you
:x muaks!! muaks!! muaks!! :x


JolynLau said...

awwwww.... so sweet.. reminds me of my daughter.. Each time when I ask her to kiss me, she'll happily kisses me on my lips.
Aiyo, now har... when we ask her to kiss us, either she runs off or takes her pillow to close her mouth. sigh... Her dadi said she has grown up -_____________-

Wabbitfoot said...

Hahahaha....I guess I'll ask him to kiss me more often. While stock lasts!!

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