Friday, November 5, 2010

Come, let's share share

We went for breakfast at one of those hawker stalls kopitiam this morning (the one without air-con - because we left Caleb at home with my mom in law). So, happily happily both of us sat down and ordered pork noodle each. Mmmm..yum yum, sorry, no photos because didn't bring my phone out with me. Half way while we digged in our pork noodle (by the way, it is very nice;)), I saw a family brought their pet dog with them into the shop.

At first I didn't think any wrong with it. Well, I love dogs and if I have a dog, I'd probably bring it out too....But I know there are a lot of makan places that don't allow customer to bring in their dogs due to hygiene reason.

Anyway, their table is just behind us. I was facing them where jk facing me.

Me: "Eh, got ppl bring dog leh".

Jk said: "Yea, I know. I saw them too just now".

Then we continue eat la...

We continued with our pork noodle (real nice, no bluffing). After awhile I looked up again and saw the owner place the glass of apple juice in front of the dog then the dog also lick lick lick from the glass. Wahh...geng wor!

Me: Eh know what? Just now the owner feed her dog apple juice leh. The dog lick lick lick from the glass. But I dont know whether the apple juice especially order for the dog or share share with the owner la...

Jk: good ar? Be a dog also not bad hor...




Suddenly, almost the end of their meal, the owner....with straw......drink the remaining of the same glass of apple juice....OMG OMG OMG.....Yuck yuck yuck...*pengsan*

Yes, I like dogs but not to this extend! Hell no I'm going to share a glass of whatever with them

Jk: Why last time you never share share carrot with Ah Bo?

Me: Because he eat SHIT la...

Both: Hahahahahahahah.....................

By the way, this is Ah Bo...oh, 'was' :(


mNhL said...

thks for visiting my blog.

I think it is just not our culture to share with pet. I felt yucky too while reading this. And the owner should be more considerate. Giving the pet dog licking from a public glasses is just too much!

Wabbitfoot said...

Oh while I read again what I wrote, I grossed out too! Eeewwwww...bluek!

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