Thursday, October 15, 2009

The day Caleb turned into little monk

The day Caleb went botak was on 23/9/09. I didnt realise it until just now that it was exactly 2 months ago since birth. Some may shave their baby on fullmoon but since my baby have special case, we have to bear for awhile until we can completely shave him.

What is the reason? Well....
Caleb's curly-a.k.a.-maggi mee hair. Jk said that I ate too much maggi mee resulting in this. If somebody told me earlier that this the consequences, then I might opt for spagetti instead.

After my 3rd aunt & her family left on 22/9 (yup, Caleb's hair went for exhibition :D), straight away my mom and I took him to get his hair shaved. One disadvantage of having curly hair is that it trapped 'sampah' alot. And it's so hard to get rid of, everytime I just snipped it off together with the hair.

This is my mom holding Caleb on her lap.

You see that pink colour towel? Talking about that towel makes me regret that I didnt change it to nappy cloth since I brought a few pieces with me. I dont know how many ppl been using that towel because I saw alot of hairs entangled on it and I bet that piece of cloth smell like shit. No I didnt smell it lar....I was so busy taking pictures and another hand holding a piece of newspaper collecting Caleb's hair.

But at the end, Caleb puked on the towel. Haha..I really said some prayer to whoever waiting for his hair cut after Caleb. Man..that is so gross!!

See? Caleb sit so steady waiting for hair cut. Amazingly, he didnt whine a bit.

I think he rather enjoy it...Hey uncle, careful with your 'white-bone-claw', ok?

Caleb, you remember this uncle who make you botak, ok?

What do you think? Still cute and handsome as before?


JK said...

I do read your blog. you update very seldom la.

Wabbitfoot said...

JK, dont know how handful can a baby ia....okok, i try to update often. They are still so many backdated post :)

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