Saturday, May 18, 2013

Toys 'R' Us Warehouse sale

Last night we went to Toys R Us Warehouse sale at Summit Subang USJ. Saw the poster yesterday in one of the mummies forum and some mummies were posting pictures of their 'catch of the day'. Looks so tempting and cheap! So, WhatsApp jk and he said let's go.

We bought these....

We bought this set of cheap lego-looks-alike brick for Caleb - RM20.

Water spraying frog which Caleb loves soooo much. Normal price is RM14.95 and after 30% discount is RM10.45

Winnie the Pooh Sort 'n Learn Cart from vtech best buy at RM99 (A quick check in the internet, this piece is selling at RM139 for normal price). At first jk was buying this one for his friend's newborn but I hinted why not buying another one for Caven. Hehehe.......and at last jk gave in and said he'll find another gift for his friend instead. Yeah! so, Pooh Bear for Caven.

Stride rite Darth Vader Lighted Shoe for Caleb. Yupe, the bad guy. Normal price at RM179 but was on 50% discount so this is quite a steal. And after Caleb outgrown it, it will pass down to Caven. Hah! another 50%. Dai tou lan lar.....hehe

Something car with lights and music at RM47.90 after 20% discount.

A dollhouse playset at RM55.90 - best buy. If you are asking me what I am doing with this while I have 2 boys at home, I'm going to say that this is for jk's job project. What project I have no idea :)

Some sort of stencils working stuff for Caleb at RM28.70 after 20% discount.

Total damage in Ringgit Malaysia: RM351.45

If anyone of you want to go and check it out, tomorrow, Sunday 19/5/13 is last day ya...


albina N muro said...

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mun said...

Wow, so many toys at such good prices. Caleb must be very happy!

scarediechickenme said...

You bet! Caleb was so happy that he grins non-stop until the next day

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