Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fried Prawn Fritters

Caleb got no more vege, no more meat and no more fish for his meal a few days ago because I'm so lazy to drag my fat-ass to the market (I know, jk must be cursing me now, torturing his son :D).

So, 2 days ago, I (finally) went to wet market and bought tonnes of vege, chicken and meat back. Bought 2 medium slices of big red snapper meat for Caleb's porridge and that cost me RM12 already. Okla, because red snapper have lesser bones and I don't have to pop out my eyes looking every nook and corner for it.

While waiting for the stall worker to debone my fish, I spotted some prawns. It looks fresh. I took one and took a sniff. No nasty smell. Good... :) With quick hand, I selected 10 of them and I sniffed them all. Hahaha...I really hate HATE hate smelly prawns. What I want to do with all those prawns?

In my mind, I'm thinking of prawn fritters. Yum Yum.. something like this.....

 pic source from seasaltwithfood. Looks so yum yum right?

So I prepared all the ingredients after came back from market. I could see all the prawns dancing cha-cha-cha in front of me, yelling at me quickly peel me! fry me!... *rolls eyes*

Mil entertained Caleb, trying to block him from going into the kitchen every now and then.

My working station not big, so everything is clumped together. Can you see the Avent bottle? I used it to measure water needed. :)

Stir stir stir and final steps throw in some bean sprouts. One of the important and must-have ingredient, in my opinion. I like it as it will give you the crunchy texture when you bite into your fritters later. But before you throw in, you need to separate the head and tail first. Reason being: nicer and prettier ma, dont you think so?

See? From the cutting mat to the clean bean sprout on my hand. 

To minimise the usage of oil, I pan-fried it instead of deep fry. I couldnt think of what to do with the remaining oil other than make another batch of prawn fritters or cook it with something else and I hardly cook at home. One of the reason of course is my super-kacau-baby named Caleb (really cannot do anything one) and secondly, I'm lazy to clean the whole kitchen afterwards. But since my mil is here, I might rajin one bit to try to cook as much as possible as she likes homecook food mainly porridge and vege.

Taa-daa...damn-delicious prawn fritters. Me and my mil whacked almost all of it. She even compliment my cooking...hahaha....guess his son wont starve to death since her dil is so good in cooking. But her son is very china-ah-pek and hyper-super-duper picky on his food. So......anyway, habis cerita.

Jk just went to the dentist to have his wisdon tooth pulled out. He can't eat it and keep on accused me for being unfair...hahaha. He just said it for fun la, or making me guilty. Because I dont think he will eat it even he didnt pull his tooth thou..

So, here is my version of prawn fritters. Anyone want a recipe? :) It really good wor....


mNhL said...

Really look so professionally done! Can please email me the recipe? If i'm in the mood, might try this.

Thank you

Wabbitfoot said...

Hahaha....can you the recipe. But some I agak agak only :)

JolynLau said...

Can pls send me the recipe mah? Try to masak for my daughter. Let her try new foodie.

Does Caleb like it? =)

Wabbitfoot said...

Hi Jolyn,
Can...I'm sure ur daughter is gonna love it. But I didnt give it to Caleb yet. I think he's too young for fried food yet :)

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