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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Oh hi, lama tak jumpa eh ...

Oh darn.... I'm feeling rather guilty now for abandoned my blog for such a long time. Ever since I've downloaded this Dayre thingy, it got me hooked, permanently. It is just too convenient and hassle-free. I can upload pics anytime of the day, post broken english with all the 'la' and the 'leh' and the 'ler'.....haha where else in blogger, I have to use proper sentences, proper english, not to mention always have the problem of uploading pictures, save the posts and can only update blog using laptop which I don't have the privilege of having now.

Anyway, I shall not ditch my 6 years relationship with lah. I will continue to blog here just not on daily basis.

Ok, if you are wondering where am I now, I'm at niang-jia. Life is peaceful here with lots of food, no cooking and cleaning to do, Caleb is darn happy becox got kor kor to play with and Caven being carried to sleep everyday.


mun said...

Good that all of you go back to your parents' house during the school holidays to relax. Your boys can get to know their grandparents well.

mun said...

Hello Sueann, Happy New Year to you and your family!

Jin Ai @ Mama Hear Me Roar said...

Oh you sound like you had a good holiday :) Hope all's well with you and family!

Anonymous said...

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